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Sapporo / Infrastructure engineer
What were some of the things about that attracted you to JIG-SAW and led to your decision join?
While job hunting I focused on looking for a company where I could improve myself, regardless of the industry. When I first learned about JIG-SAW, I only had a vague impression of it as “a company that continues to challenge themselves in various things every day”, but as I learned more about JIG-SAW through company information sessions and interviews, I got the impression that JIG-SAW is “a company that thinks about each employee” and “a company that gives anyone a chance regardless of age”. Finally, I decided that I wanted to grow along with JIG-SAW and joined the company.
Please describe the department you belong to and the work that you do.
I work on the operation of servers that are monitored 24/7, and the basic idea is to monitor whether the server is operating normally in real time. When an abnormality or failure occurs in the server, a monitoring operation engineer such as myself deals with it and minimizes the down-time.
In addition to server monitoring, we also do various other tasks such as working on requests from existing customers and installation work to develop new projects.
What kind of career advancement do you see for yourself in the future?
As an infrastructure engineer, knowledge of cloud and Linux is indispensable, so I would like to continue learning every day so that I can use it in my work, and eventually I would like to acquire various certifications. Although I have just joined the company, I want to become an engineer who can absorb as much knowledge as possible from the people around me and work on the front line as soon as possible.
札幌 / インフラエンジニア