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Tokyo / Infrastructure engineer
What were some of the things about that attracted you to JIG-SAW and led to your decision join?
At university, I majored in environmental toxicology in the Agriculture department, and I did not study information-related fields. However, as IT is a growing industry and demand continues to increase, I decided to mainly apply for IT companies. Among the many IT companies, the reason why I chose JIG-SAW is that it is a listed company but has a venture spirit. I think my experience here is not something one can get working at a major company. In fact, I have already had many of these positive experiences since joining the company, and they all lead to the vitality in my work. In addition, after my interviews with senior employees and learning the basics in new-employee training I was no longer worried about my lack of IT experience.
Please describe the department you belong to and the work that you do.
My main tasks are to provide optimal solutions that meet customer demands and issues, to promote projects before starting operations in cooperation with customers, post-operation support, and technical support for our sales team. One month after my assignment, some of my duties included meeting with customers and studying basic Linux operations. From the second month onwards, I began to gradually help with the preparation of seniors’ materials, and in the third and fourth months, the scope of support work expanded by setting and checking target servers. In addition, I help with getting rough ideas of how to proceed with projects and the work of each process, and recently I have been increasingly involved in these projects while communicating with customers more and more. Depending on the form of the project and the customer’s request, the work contents and tools used vary, and so we are constantly learning new things every day.
What kind of career advancement do you see for yourself in the future?
Now, I’m learning about working with senior employees and how to proceed with projects. First of all, I want to be able to understand the general flow of certain work, and be able to think and create on my own. Of course, I still have a lot more to learn, but I would like to continue my study from basic to practical knowledge. JIG-SAW is also working on obtaining qualifications and has an incentive system for individual certifications, so I would like to take advantage of the opportunity while also bettering myself. My goal is to become specialized in at least one area before the end of my first year.
東京 / インフラエンジニア