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Tokyo / Corporate
What were some of the things about that attracted you to JIG-SAW and led to your decision join?
At first, I was fascinated by the opportunity to play an active part in our IT company, even though I studied the humanities. I am literature major and had no knowledge of IT, so other companies’ selections pointed out my inexperience. On the other hand, JIG-SAW saw my background in the humanities as a positive, and I was very impressed by the fact that there was a place where I could play an active role in an IT company. Also, talking to Yamakawa, the CEO, in my final interview was a decisive factor in joining the company as I felt strongly that it was a company that cherished each individual employee. There are many engaging and interesting employees, including Yamakawa, who are inspire me every day.
Please describe the department you belong to and the work that you do.
Currently, I am mainly in charge of general affairs and new graduate recruitment activities, but my work contents are broad from simple general affairs to planning for unanswered issues and themes that cross the boundaries of departments. I have already been entrusted with work directly related to company information and sales, even in my first year. Although I feel some pressure in the great amount of responsibility I have, I also feel real worth in my work. For new graduate recruitment, we prepare for selections such as briefing sessions and interviews, and plan and manage events such as social gatherings for recruits.
What kind of career advancement do you see for yourself in the future?
First, as a member of the corporate division, my goal is to become a person who can be trusted by employees. I also hope to be entrusted with more work and help employees work comfortably. In addition, regarding the recruitment of new graduates, I would like to make further efforts in activities such as briefing sessions and events so that I can firmly convey the appeal of JIG-SAW to students.
東京 / コーポレート