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Tokyo / Sales
What were some of the things about that attracted you to JIG-SAW and led to your decision join?
I decided to join JIG-SAW because I wanted to challenge myself in a variety of things, and believed that JIG-SAW would be the best place have the opportunity to do so. While working here, I feel that the appeal of JIG-SAW is that everyone has equal opportunities. If you ask to do something by yourself, you have the chance to try a variety of things regardless of your job title or background. In addition, I feel that in our company you can freely ask anyone for help if you have a problem. JIG-SAW has many professional and global members with specialized skills who are always happy to help.
Please describe the department you belong to and the work that you do.
I belong to the sales department and expand various alliances with businesses, mainly with partners such as major system integrators, cloud of vendors of Amazon, Google and Microsoft, and more. Also, I am in charge of consulting sales which deal with resolving issues for BtoC customers such as EC/online games. As for daily tasks, we listen to customer issues and needs, and make optimal proposals not only for system operation but also for the customer’s environment such as cloud security.
What kind of career advancement do you see for yourself in the future?
I would like to create better value for our customers by combining a wide range of solutions such as partner integration and software. Currently, I am learning alliance business every day, but I always have high motivation to work on the problems in front of me, and to make it possible to grow myself and step up in the company quickly.
東京 / セールス