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Tokyo / Business Planning
What were some of the things about that attracted you to JIG-SAW and led to your decision join?
Back in my college days, I studied Japanese as a major. Ever since I decided to make it the focus of my studies, I knew that after graduation I would want a job where I could make use of the Japanese ability I had worked so hard on.
From the first time I visited the JIG-SAW office in downtown Tokyo, I was captivated. The building was brand-new, with tons of shops in the interconnected passages below it. Everything about it reminded me of a busy business hub, similar to Wall Street.
But more important than any of those on-the-surface details were the people that I met when I first came for an interview. They were friendly and made me feel comfortable, but they were also confident. My confidence quickly grew as well, not only in the company and its future, but also in myself. I knew that if I joined JIG-SAW, I would have opportunities to prove myself and become more determined, and that is what ultimately led to my decision to become part of the team.
Please describe the department you belong to and the work that you do.
The department that I belong to is Business Development/Planning. Essentially, we handle marketing, future project planning, and make various decisions that affect the future direction of our products. Every day brings new challenges, which I find to be one of the most important components of a fulfilling job. I believe that nothing beats real experience, and that getting experience as early as possible sets a strong foundation for the future. The work that I do here at JIG-SAW is not always easy or in my comfort zone, but pushing on and doing my best is exactly what it takes to improve. All of my co-workers are great people who do not hesitate to lend a hand and create a helpful work environment, which counts for a lot when you work closely every day. With challenge comes ample opportunity to prove yourself to others, improve yourself, and have a big part in the future of the company.
What kind of career advancement do you see for yourself in the future?
I see myself using the skills that I attain every day here at JIG-SAW. When I was first searching for a job fresh out of college, I was mainly looking for something that would allow me to use and improve the Japanese I had spent so much time studying. Working here not only allows that, but also develops me in other areas. I have no doubt that my career from here on out will be positively influenced by the experience and skills I have gained just from my first year at JIG-SAW alone. I believe that humans grow most when challenging themselves and doing new things, and I know that the new encounters I face here every day will aid me on whatever path I walk in the future.
東京 / 事業企画
オフィスの魅力もさることながら一番の入社の決め手になったのは、JIG-SAWの選考を通して接した社員の印象です。 面接で会ったJIG-SAW社員はフレンドリーに接してくれただけでなく、自分に自信を持っていました。JIG-SAWに入社することで会社の成長はもちろん、自分自身も成長できるのではと感じ、最終的にJIG-SAWへの入社を決めました。
私が所属する部門は、事業企画です。 事業企画ではマーケティングや、プロジェクト計画を練り、サービスのプロモーションや方向性に関して決めていきます。 毎日が新しい課題の連続ですが、それは仕事するうえで最も重要な要素だと考えています。なぜなら何事も実際の経験に勝るものはなく、できるだけ早く様々な経験を積むことが、自分の将来に通用するスキルを身に着ける基盤にもなると考えているからです。 もちろん、JIG-SAWでの業務や私に与えられたミッションは必ずしも容易なことばかりではありませんが、それらを着実にこなし、ベストを尽くすことが大事ですしプロジェクトの成功にも繋がると思っています。 また、JIG-SAWの社員は困った時に手を貸してくれ、そしてよりよい職場環境にすることに積極的な人たちばかりです。 また、JIG-SAWで与えられる業務上の挑戦には、自分の能力を発揮する機会や、自分自身を向上させる機会、そして会社に大きく貢献する機会も伴っています。
私はJIG-SAWで毎日様々なスキルが身についていると実感しています。 大学を卒業し最初に就職活動を行っていた時は、自分の日本語能力を活かし向上できる仕事を中心に探していましたが、 JIG-SAWでの業務は日本語はもちろん、ITなどの知識も必要なので、当初思っていなかった分野でも自分の成長を実感しています。 1年目ながらJIG-SAWで得た経験やスキルは濃いもので、自分のキャリアにプラスの影響を与えていることは間違いありません。 人は自分自身に挑戦し、そして新しいことをするときに最も成長するものだと考えていますが、JIG-SAWでの業務や新しいことに対する挑戦は、どんなキャリアでも活かせるものだと思います。