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Mobicomm / Development engineer
What are the business advantages of Mobicomm in their industry?
Mobicomm is a group of engineers who have been developing various wireless and wired communication modules/equipment for many years.
In an era where everything is connected to the Internet, there are many different requirements such as communication conditions, monitoring conditions, control conditions, power supply conditions, etc. that customers demand. Among them, Mobicomm’s extensive knowledge and experience of communication technology, hardware technology, and software technology allows us to quickly propose a wide variety of implementation plans from device configuration to cloud services.
Please tell us what you can do because of Mobicomm (experience/episode unique to Mobicomm/JIG-SAW group).
IoT can be realized only with both devices and cloud. Among these, Mobicomm has strengths in device development including hardware, and JIG-SAW has strengths in cloud development. Through collaboration, both companies can build all-in-one solutions from hardware to cloud.
Since each technology is owned by the same group, we were able to bring together both device and cloud technologies, formulate specifications to become more practical, and create a more general-purpose IoT platform “neqto”. The release was achieved in a short time as a result of our cooperation. In addition, since it is an all-in-one service within the JIG-SAW group, technical support can be handled more deeply and additional requests can be easily answered.
モビコム / 開発エンジニア