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Sapporo / Development engineer
Please tell us about the business advantages of JIG-SAW in their industry.
If I were to list the three biggest advantages of JIG-SAW, they would be the following:
① We are able to handle a wide range of infrastructure environments from on-premise to major clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure).
② We have continued to strengthen our service system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by opening an overseas operation base in Toronto, Canada.
② Engineers with high-level technology knowledge are enrolled in a wide range of fields.
There are companies that specialize in AWS and GCP, but we can respond to those and more, and the 24/7 system already operated by our own engineers will be further expanded by the opening of a new base in Toronto. We are entrusted with the operation and management of many customers’ systems, giving them peace of mind.
In addition to infrastructure engineers, there are many network engineers and development engineers who have a wide range of IT skills and knowledge. In addition, Mobicomm, a subsidiary of JIG-SAW, has embedded hardware and software engineers. Through our relationship, our IoT service “neqto” has the strength of being able to provide one-stop services from device development and software to system development and in-house operation.
Please tell us what JIG-SAW has achieved (experience / episode unique to JIG-SAW).
Before joining JIG-SAW, my goal was to create an application as a development engineer. However, after joining JIG-SAW, I have become involved in other types of development, including running the applications that I have created. I have learned the importance and difficulty of running applications stably as well as operating according to certain specifications. As a result, I have gained the ability to make judgments and respond to them by facing and dealing with unexpected system problems.
I think there are many engineers who want to concentrate on development rather than operation, but I feel that the experience gained through operation is the foundation of my current technical skills.
札幌 / 開発エンジニア
① オンプレから主要クラウド(AWS、GCP、Azure)まで幅広いインフラ環境の運用に対応できる。
② 海外の運用拠点をカナダのトロントに開設するなど、24時間365日でのサービス体制を強化し続けている。
③ 広範な分野で高い技術をもったエンジニアが在籍している。