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Tokyo / Infrastructure engineer
Please tell us about the business advantages of JIG-SAW in their industry.
One of the advantages of JIG-SAW’s MSP business is our knowledge of OS at a high level, based on our past experience of Linux development. An environment where a very high level of knowledge and experience about OS’s can be shared exists within the company, aimed at improving the overall technical capabilities of JIG-SAW. Recently things are often structured with serverless architecture and container technology, but understanding Linux (which is the foundation of PaaS services) will continue to be important for an infrastructure operation professional. I think it will continue to be an important skill in the future.
As a second advantage, JIG-SAW provides our customers with the “puzzle” monitoring tool developed in-house, for free. Many customers use puzzle to monitor various IT systems, but using puzzle enables customers to set up a system-monitoring environment without setting up and manage it with JIG-SAW. This reduces the operational burden on customers. In addition, puzzle functions as an in-house tool that is optimally designed for JIG-SAW’s operational system model. By setting up a system that reduces human resources as much as possible, we can provide high-quality services at a low price, which leads to improved customer satisfaction.
Please tell us what JIG-SAW has achieved (experience / episode unique to JIG-SAW).
I think JIG-SAW is a company where individuals can be trusted with a large amount of responsibility, regardless of age. For example, when I was promoting the business as a startup member of our IoT product, the project I was in charge of was analyzing market needs shared internally and utilizing knowledge in industrial IoT. I was trusted and given the responsibility to make various decisions.
Each member can show leadership and make confident decisions, proceeding at their own discretion. Although it was a new market that the company did not have a lot of experience in, our system quickly allowed us to make the right proposals make quick progress with the project. In addition, since it is easy to think flexibly as judgment can be made without being bound by a fixed frame, I think that this will lead to rapid growth of organizations and individuals regardless of whether they are young people or industry veterans.
東京 / インフラエンジニア