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Tokyo / Sales
Please tell us about the business advantages of JIG-SAW in their industry.
JIG-SAW is supported by full-time engineers and has a background as a Linux OS distributor, so the technical capabilities of OS/middleware are higher than those of other companies, and the support range is wider. Infrastructure knowledge is indispensable for system monitoring and operation. Linux is one of the most foundational OS’s, and is used in many systems regardless of the environment. Having Linux know-how has become a very powerful weapon.
In Sapporo, JIG-SAW has a monitoring center that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A similar monitoring center has also recently been set up in Toronto. There are many engineers with high technical skills, and it is very advantageous that customers can use our service with peace of mind.
Please tell us what JIG-SAW has achieved (experience / episode unique to JIG-SAW).
I joined the company as a new graduate, and in addition to server monitoring/operation sales, I am now in charge of IoT business sales and project management for each project. From my first year after graduation, I also established many collaborative relationships with partner companies and was able to go on domestic and overseas business trips. In addition, I am entrusted with work that generally cannot be experienced by young employees of other companies, such as giving instructions to project members and educating new employees. I believe this was only possible because I joined JIG-SAW.
Of course, at times I may feel anxiety and pressure due to the great responsibility I have been given, but because JIG-SAW is an environment that accepts diverse opinions and frequently makes various attempts at challenging things, having a lot of responsibility is a major plus.
東京 / セールス
JIG-SAWでは全て正社員のエンジニアで対応しており、またLinux OSのディストリビューターとしての背景がありますので、他社に比べてOS/ミドルウェアの技術力が高く、サポートできる範囲が広いです。システムの監視運用を行うにあたってインフラ面の知識は欠かせませんが、Linuxはそれらの最も基盤となるものの一つであり、また環境によらず多くのシステムでLinuxは使用されているため、これらのノウハウを持つことは強力な武器になっています。