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Tokyo / Development engineer
Please tell us about the business advantages of JIG-SAW in their industry.
I am currently developing services for our IoT business. Regarding JIG-SAW’s strengths in the IoT field, the fact that our product neqto allows you to start a PoC immediately is a huge business advantage. A subsidiary of JIG-SAW, Mobicomm Inc., Ltd. specializes in advanced embedded technology, and deals with everything from cloud to hardware. With the combined technology and expertise of JIG-SAW and Mobicomm, our product excels in security, hardware, and necessary cloud functions (FOTA, device program updates, visualization of acquired data). The level of understanding and implementation is just one of the many advantages JIG-SAW has in our industry.
Please tell us what JIG-SAW has achieved (experience / episode unique to JIG-SAW).
I think other companies tend to specialize in certain parts of system development, but we are involved in the entire process from front end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuert)) to back end (Python (Celery, Django), SQL).
I am involved in the cloud side development of the “neqto” service for IoT business, and here I do system design, infrastructure design, backend development, frontend development, operational improvements, new function development, and existing function improvement development. By developing our whole system by ourselves, we were able to grasp the whole mechanism and deepen technological knowledge in areas such as AWS, SQL (DB design), programming skills, and operational efficiency.
Also, I believe that JIG-SAW is unique in that it actively recruits employees from overseas and can quickly incorporate oversea perspectives.
東京 / 開発エンジニア
高度な組み込み技術を持った子会社のモビコム株式会社があり、グループとしてクラウドからハードまでの技術を保有しています。公共の場で設置できるセキュリティと、子会社のモビコムにおけるハードウェアのサポート、必要なクラウド機能(FOTA, デバイスのプログラムを変更、取得したデータの可視化)を提供できるレベルの専門知識を持ったエンジニアが在籍していることは、JIG-SAWの優位性に繋がっていると思います。
IoTビジネス向けサービス「neqto」のクラウドサイドの開発に携わっていますが、システム基本設計、インフラ設計、バックエンド開発、フロントエンド開発、運用の改善、新機能の開発、既存機能改善の開発を行いました。一貫して開発することで、全体像を把握でき、AWS,やSQL(DB設計), プログラミングスキルだけでなく運用の効率化など様々な技術的知識が深まりました。