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Tokyo / Business Planning
Please tell us about the business advantages of JIG-SAW in their industry.
I am in charge of sales planning and marketing, so I am involved in two areas: managed services and IoT. The strengths of both are the technologies and human resources, especially in engineering. There are many opportunities to take new risks and challenge ourselves, regardless of age. New graduates and mid-career employees all have equal opportunity to rise in the company. I think this has led to improvements in both technology and member growth.
Please tell us what JIG-SAW has achieved (experience / episode unique to JIG-SAW).
It has been half a year since I joined the company, and while planning and managing exhibitions at five large and small exhibitions and planning seminars held in-house, I have been assigned to various projects and have felt a sense of reward from receiving responsibility in a short period of time. In particular, the planning and management of exhibitions and seminars are made possible through the cooperation of various teams and members. I think that many projects are quickly completed because engineers, sales members, and management department members are all willing to help and participate actively. Also, because the management team works closely with the other members, various ideas can be developed into projects immediately. There are actually too many potential projects for the amount of time in a day, so we make decisions on how to move forward frequently.
In that respect, every day is fulfilling.
東京 / 事業企画