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Development Dept. Joined in 2018
Why were you interested in joining JIG-SAW?
While job hunting I investigated various companies, but JIG-SAW made the top of my list because I felt that JIG-SAW Inc. had interesting business in rapidly growing markets, like IoT. After my interview, I thought everyone was friendly and more importantly JIG-SAW seemed like a place where I could grow alongside the company itself. After the final interview, I intended to enter the company. After entering the company, I think the best part of JIG-SAW is that I am always learning new things. I studied various technologies in university, but in my work I still learn many new things.
What philosophy do you follow at work?
While carrying out my business, my philosophy is “growth is the most important” or “If you can grow, there is a future”. I think because people are human there will always be problems. Naturally, “how can I fix it” is important but I think after that it is best to ask “how can I grow from this experience?”. Successful people and businesses grow from their mistakes!
How would you like to advance your career?
First, I would like to be a front end / UI development leader for JIG-SAW. I think it is a big step-up. I am planning to live in Japan for the rest of my life, so I think it is necessary to get experience being a work leader in Japan. Also, I would like to receive various knowledge and GCP / AWS certification, so I can support foreigners coming to JIG-SAW in Japan. I want to be a good senior. In the future, after ten or fifteen years, my dream is to have a technical school for junior high school students. At JIG-SAW, I get hands-on experience and there are various incentives for personal growth. I think that while helping JIG-SAW grow, I can also do my best to reach my own personal career goals and I think that is very nice.